Blackwell Quaternary Geoscience Series


Most textbooks on Quaternary geoscience are currently either advanced texts aimed at researchers or more general introductions for intermediate-level undergraduates. Whilst the former tend to be relatively specialized, and expensive for student purchase, the latter often do not contain material in sufficient depth in this rapidly expanding field.

 Wiley-Blackwell  has therefore launched the Quaternary Geoscience Book Series under the general editorship of  Professor Ray Bradley.  The object of the series is to provide upper-level undergraduate and graduate students with authoritative summaries of key areas of Quaternary geoscience. The books will be relatively short and priced very competitively. They will be designed to be used as part of undergraduate or masters courses in Quaternary Science, Environmental Science, Geology and Earth Science, and as supplementary reading for more general Quaternary science courses.

 The books will be written by well-known figures from North America and Europe. They will follow a standard format and will review the current state of the subject, and suggest the direction of future research. Emphasis will be placed on the multidisciplinary nature of the subjects, with the explicit aim of appealing to students from a wide range of disciplines. There will also be an emphasis on the temporal dimension of dynamic processes rather than description of phenomena.

                                                    SERIES EDITOR

Raymond S. Bradley is University Distinguished Professor and Director of the Climate System Research Center at the Department of Geosciences,UniversityofMassachusetts

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