Cryosphere Science Series

Series Editor:  Dr Peter Knight, University of Keele


Ice masses ranging from continental ice sheets to mountain glaciers are a key component of the global environment, intersecting both physical and human systems. The scientific study of snow and ice is thus central to issues as diverse as global climate change, regional water resources, and sea-level change, and is at the forefront of research across a wide spectrum of disciplinary interests including glaciology, climatology, geology, environmental science, geography and planning.

However, different discipline specialists are primarily concerned with specific aspects of the study of glaciers, so major texts and encyclopaedic reviews of the whole field are not appropriate for their needs. Similarly, research often progresses very rapidly in some areas of the subject, while knowledge in other areas remains stable, which means that an agile publishing framework comprising shorter, tightly focussed, volumes is most able to meet the demands of the many potential users. This benefits not only readers, but also authors and the discipline as a whole. This proposal therefore envisages a series that can serve as a framework for the publication of specialist volumes in aspects of glacier science that are either at the cutting edge of new research or provide a benchmark statement in fields where readers from a range of disciplines would benefit from a short, focussed state-of-the-art text.

Intended Market:

These books will lie at the boundary between research monographs and advanced text books. They will go beyond standard textbooks in that they will contribute to the development of the discipline and incorporate new approaches and ideas, but they will also provide a summary of the current state of knowledge in a tightly focussed topic area. They will therefore be suitable both for advanced undergraduates (as case studies in what would probably be a small part of an undergraduate module), and for postgraduate students, researchers and professionals.

Series Content:

The series will comprise relatively compact books of no more than 300 pages, either written by a single author/team or compiled from a number of contributions by a volume editor. The most appropriate form for each volume will depend on its topic, content and discipline context. The series as a whole will be overseen by a series editor. The series will be initiated with the commissioning of several new books, and will then remain open as an organising framework for the commissioning of future volumes, initiated by proposals from potential contributors or by invitation from the series editor.


Tedesco (ed): Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere.

Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere (1118368851) cover image

Pelto: Recent Climate Change Impacts on Mountain Glaciers


In Preparation:

Waller: Glacier-Permafrost interactions

Cook & Swift: Glacial Sediment Transfer

Evans: Till: a process sedimentology

Nicholson, Kirkbride & Bolch: Understanding Debris-Covered Glaciers

Kulessa (ed): Glacier Geophysics

 Waythomas: Volcano-Ice Interactions


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