RMetS Advancing Weather and Climate Science Series

Series editors:  Dr John Knox and Dr Bob Riddaway

Meteorology is a rapidly moving science. New developments in weather forecasting, climate science and observing techniques are happening all the time, as shown by the wealth of papers published in the various meteorological journals. Often these developments take many years to make it into academic textbooks, by which time the science itself has moved on. At the same time, the underpinning principles of atmospheric science are well understood but could be brought up to date in the light of the ever increasing volume of new and exciting observations and the underlying patterns of climate change that may affect so many aspects of weather and the climate system.
In this series, the Royal Meteorological Society, in conjunction with Wiley-Blackwell, is aiming to bring together both the underpinning principles and new developments in the science into a unified set of books suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate study as well as being a useful resource for the professional meteorologist or Earth system scientist. New developments in weather and climate sciences will be described together with a comprehensive survey of the underpinning principles, thoroughly updated for the 21st century. The series will build into a comprehensive teaching resource for the growing number of courses in weather and climate science at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) is a world-leading professional and learned society in the field of meteorology. Based in the UK, it encourages and facilitates collaboration with organisations that are active in earth science. It serves its professional and amateur members and the wider community by undertaking activities that support the advancement of meteorological science, its applications and understanding.

Wiley also publishes all five journal publications from the Royal Meteorological Society.

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