Challenges in Water Management

It is clear that there are numerous challenges in water management in the twenty-first century. In the twentieth century, most elements of water management had their own distinct set of organisations, skill sets, preferred approaches and professionals. The overlying issue of industrial pollution of water resources was managed from a ‘point source’ perspective.

However, it has become accepted that water management has to be seen from a holistic viewpoint and managed in an integrated manner. Our current key challenges include the following:

  • The impact of climate change on water management, its many facets and challenges – extreme weather, developing resilience, storm water management, future development and risks to infrastructure
  • Implementing river basin/watershed/catchment management in a way that is effective and deliverable
  • Water management and food and energy security
  • The policy, legislation and regulatory framework that is required to rise to these challenges
  • Social aspects of water management – equitable use and allocation of water resources, the potential for ‘water wars’, stakeholder engagement, valuing water and the ecosystems that depend upon it

This series highlights cutting-edge material in the global water management sector from a practitioner as well as an academic viewpoint. The issues covered in the series are of critical interest to advanced-level undergraduates and masters students as well as industry, investors and the media.

Series Editor

Justin Taberham, CEnv

Titles available

Brears: Urban Water Security (2017)