Book Series

Topics in Paleobiology This is a new series featuring key fossil groups, key events, and analytical methods, with emphasis on paleobiology, large‐scale macroevolutionary studies, and the latest phylogenetic debates.

New Analytical Methods in Earth and Environmental Science A new series of short e-books which will summarise key emerging analytical techniques for advanced students, researchers and applied earth scientists.

Quaternary Geoscience Series The object of this series is to provide upper-level undergraduate and graduate students with authoritative summaries of key areas of Quaternary geoscience.

The Geological Field Guide Series.The Geological Field Guide Series is specifically designed for scientists and students to use in the field when information and resources may be more difficult to access

RMetS Advancing Weather and Climate Science Series This series brings together both the underpinning principles and new developments in meteorology into a unified set of books suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate study as well as being a useful resource for the professional meteorologist or Earth system scientist.

Cryosphere Science Series:  Advanced textbooks from the frontiers of glacier, ice-sheet, snow, and permafrost research

Advancing River Management and Restoration Series: This series will feature titles on tools by individual subfields in river sciences.

Challenges in Water Management Series: This series highlights cutting-edge material in the global water management sector from a practitioner as well as an academic viewpoint

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